Top 6 plays and highlights: Minnesota Vikings vs Panthers in Week 14

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) Andrew Sendejo
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) Andrew Sendejo /
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Keenum is the magic man

This season, Keenum has had some magical escapes. While he’s been known for accurate throws and a high completion percentage this year, the should also be getting a lot of recognition for his ability to move with the ball in his hands.

He has already shown a number of times that he can scramble to pick up yards when left alone by defenders, but what makes watching Keenum even more interesting is how he can evade defenders going for the sack.

Ducking under Captain Munnerlyn is quite a feat. That’s something that I’m not sure even some of the best limbo champions in the world could do. Yet, he makes it look so easy on plays like this each week!