Bleeding Purple Podcast, Episode 47 – The Super Bowl dream is over

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Mike Zimmer
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Mike Zimmer /

Adam Patrick and Tyler Haag of The Viking Age go over the disaster that was the Minnesota Vikings’ blowout loss in the NFC Championship.

All good things must come to an end, right? Well for the Minnesota Vikings, the ending to their 2017 season was more like a punch to the gut.

The Vikings were manhandled during last week’s NFC Championship and it eventually resulted in the team losing their spot in Super Bowl LII to the Philadelphia Eagles and their wonderful fans.

On this week’s episode of the Bleeding Purple Podcast, myself and Tyler Haag went over Minnesota’s disappointing loss last Sunday and also talked about a bunch of other Vikings-related topics including…

  • Were the Vikings even prepared for the NFC Championship?
  • Was this the Vikings’ worst loss ever?
  • A message to Philadelphia’s fans
  • Mackensie Alexander will be better than Trae Waynes
  • Can the Vikings repeat their 2017 success in 2018?
  • 2018 quarterback wish list
  • 2017 was still a very, very good year for the Vikings
  • Predicting if Randy Moss will make the Hall of Fame this year
  • John Randle was a maniac
  • Are the Vikings in the Super Bowl if the Falcons beat the Eagles?
  • Possible offensive coordinator options for the Vikings
  • Which free-agents should the Vikings re-sign in 2018?
  • We still have the Minneapolis Miracle to smile about

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