NFL Draft 2018: Will the Minnesota Vikings trade up on Day 2?

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With a number of top players still available after the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, will the Minnesota Vikings make a trade to move up on Friday?

It may actually be more surprising that the Minnesota Vikings didn’t trade out of the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft than the fact that they used their first selection on a cornerback this year.

After adding Central Florida corner Mike Hughes to their roster on Thursday, the Vikings still have some needs that must be addressed during the next two days of the draft. Improving their depth on the interior offensive and defensive lines are two areas that are likely near the top of Minnesota’s plans for the remainder of the draft.

With a number of talented players still available in this year’s draft pool, is there a chance that the Vikings could trade up in the second or third round on Friday to get a guy who’s high on their board?

Minnesota Vikings
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Minnesota Vikings

If Minnesota has their eyes on a prospect like guard Will Hernandez, tight end Dallas Goedert, running back Derrius Guice, center James Daniels, linebacker Lorenzo Carter, or safety Justin Reid, moving up in the draft may be their only option to land one of these prospects.

But with a limited amount of ammo, it may be difficult for the Vikings to trade up in the second or third rounds on Friday without giving up a ton in return.

Minnesota only has one second-round selection and one third-round selection this year and both are toward the later part of each round (62nd and 94th). Considering that the Vikings already are without a pick in the fourth round, they may want to just stick with what they have and take what falls to them.

Then again, Minnesota does have a general manager in Rick Spielman who completed seven trades during the draft a year ago. The Vikings do have three selections in the sixth round this year, so it is possible that they could use one of these picks in a trade to move up in the second or third round.

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Basically, if any team is going to make a trade on Friday, it’s likely going to be the one with Spielman as their general manager.