Recent Vikings signing reportedly failed his drug test at the Combine

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) Holton Hill
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) Holton Hill /

Recently signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free-agent, cornerback Holton Hill reportedly failed his drug test at the 2018 Scouting Combine.

Among the 17 undrafted free-agents the Minnesota Vikings signed following the 2018 NFL Draft is a cornerback by the name of Holton Hill.

Regarded by most draft experts as a prospect with talent worthy of being drafted within the first three rounds this year, Hill ended up not getting selected by any of the 32 NFL teams last weekend.

Well, now we might know why the former Texas corner did not hear his name called during the 2018 draft.

Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings /

Minnesota Vikings

According to a report on Thursday by Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, Hill was one of three prospects to fail the mandatory drug test at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine.

Failing a random drug test during the season is one thing (which Hill also reportedly did multiple times at Texas), but a prospect failing a drug test that he knows is going to happen deserves no other description than just straight up asinine.

Hill’s rumored drug of choice is weed and that leads into a whole other argument.

Yes, the NFL should probably find a way to allow their players to use the substance to treat pain instead of the addictive opioids that are currently permitted.

But for now, the substance is not allowed to be used by any players at any time according to league rules.

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Due to Hill’s past, he’s probably likely going to be subjected to more frequent drug tests in the NFL. If the Vikings want to keep the young corner around for more than a few months, they have to figure out a plan to control his habits that prevented him from being drafted this year.