Adrian Peterson interested in playing for the Green Bay Packers

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Adrian Peterson
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Adrian Peterson /

The former Minnesota Vikings running back recently threw out the Green Bay Packers as a team he would be interested in playing for in 2018.

Despite currently being 33-years-old and coming off of one of his worst seasons ever in the NFL, former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has no plans to retire just yet.

Peterson has been training hard this offseason in hopes of a team allowing him to continue his professional football career in 2018. There were some rumblings of him possibly returning to the New Orleans Saints this year after the recent suspension of Saints running back Mark Ingram, but it ended up being nothing more than just something to talk about.

On Friday, Peterson appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live and was asked about some of the potential NFL teams that he would be interested in joining for the upcoming season.

"“Obviously, I’ve mentioned Houston a couple times. I feel like Green Bay wouldn’t be a bad look as well. (Maybe) Carolina, there are some options out there. (Maybe) Miami (or) down there in St. Louis, that would be a nice look too with Todd Gurley. You see around the league, (teams) that have a two-back system. Guys are really not pounding the ball 20 to 30 times a game (anymore). So I think that leaves the door open for a couple of opportunities for me.” Minnesota Vikings The Viking Age 0d - 6 biggest draft steals in Minnesota Vikings history More headlines around FanSided: 1d - Former Vikings first-round pick could reportedly return to NFC North 1d - Bears analyst has extremely embarrassing Kirk Cousins take 1d - 6 Vikings who (maybe) won't make the 53-man roster in 2023 2d - Which teams could be drafting a quarterback next year? 2d - Predicting what the Vikings will do in the 2023 NFL Draft based on 2022 More News at The Viking Age"

Just based alone on the fact that he believes the Rams are still located in St. Louis, these recent comments from the former Vikings running back should let everyone know how unaware he is of everything going on around him.

He mentions that a lot of teams around the NFL use a two-back system these days. However, these offenses typically feature two running backs that can pass-protect and catch out of the backfield, two things Peterson has never been known to excel at.

But the Packers, really? There are Minnesota fans who actually still root for Peterson and all of that would pretty much go out the window if he were to join their rival in Green Bay.

Yes, the NFL is a business today more than ever and guys usually just want an opportunity to play, no matter the team. But Peterson knew exactly what he was doing when he mentioned the Packers as a team he would be interested in playing for with smirk on his face like he just farted as he walked by a large group of people.

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Interestingly enough, the running back did not include the Vikings in his answer. As delusional as Peterson is, even he knowns Minnesota has no interest in that reunion.