Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback meets one of his biggest fans

(Photo by Otto Greule/Allsport) Tommy Kramer
(Photo by Otto Greule/Allsport) Tommy Kramer /

You never know when you’ll meet someone, and that includes a Minnesota Vikings fan running into her favorite player of all time, quarterback Tommy Kramer.

For many NFL fans, the idea of meeting their favorite player is a fun one. However, it usually involves standing in line at an event or paying money for an autograph signing. That wasn’t the case for a Minnesota Vikings fan last night.

While at her hotel, a woman went down to the pool area to relax and have a little fun. There happened to be someone else taking a dip at the same time who noticed her Norseman tattoo on her arm.

The result of the meeting was an amazing one. Check out the story shared below in a video from the WCCO CBS Minnesota website:

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Tommy Kramer

from his 13 seasons with Minnesota, playing in 129 games from 1977 through 1989 and spending his final year in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints.

Over the course of his career, Kramer threw for 24,777 yards and 159 touchdowns, adding 8 rushing touchdowns. It’s no wonder he was a fan favorite of many fans, including this woman at his hotel pool.

All it took was a little bit of Minnesota ink and a willingness to talk to what appeared to be a stranger at the pool for this woman to have an unforgettable moment with one of the best Vikings players of all time.

"“At my hotel pool tonight, I noticed her Viking tattoo. We struck up a conversation, she proceeded to tell me her favorite player was Tommy Kramer, she was a bit surprised when I told her.”"

Check out the photo shared by Kramer on his official Twitter account of him and the fan at the pool.

Kramer himself must have really enjoyed the meeting. He is always one who is happy to meet with fans, including giving an open invitation on Twitter to anyone to join him in watching the 1980 game against the Cleveland Browns at the hotel.

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It is highly recommended that anyone meet Tommy Kramer if they can. He is a very personable player who seems to appreciate his Minnesota Vikings fans and this story makes him even more likable!