John Randle offers a genuine apology to his former NFL opponents

(Photo by Al Bello/Allsport) John Randle
(Photo by Al Bello/Allsport) John Randle /

The former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle and Pro Football Hall of Famer recently starred in a very entertaining commercial for Sleep Number.

For those who were lucky enough to face former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle John Randle during his time in the NFL, their memories of him probably aren’t among their favorites, especially the quarterbacks he terrorized.

During 219 appearances in the league, Randle racked up a total of 137.5 sacks and he spent his free time haunting the dreams of opposing signal-callers. Due to his impressive play, the former defensive tackle was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

Recently, Randle appeared in an advertisement for Sleep Number where he is seen baking cookies to send to his former opponents as a token of apology.

The former Vikings pass rusher is hoping that a few sugary delights will be enough to earn some forgiveness for his actions out on the football field.

"“Please accept these cookies as my apology for my behavior on the field. Calling everyone those names. Always sacking your quarterback. Hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Let’s get coffee sometime. I’ve grown so much”"

As Randle’s voice is heard expressing his remorse, he is shown in the ad holding a tray of cookies that have the words “My Bad” frosted on them. The full 30 second video can be viewed here.

The Hall of Fame defensive tackle is one of numerous current and former members of the Minnesota franchise to appear in an advertisement for Sleep Number within the past year. Guys like Dan Bailey, Harrison Smith, Kirk Cousins, Pat Elflein, and Terrence Newman have all recently been a part of ad campaigns for the company.

Back in 2017, the Vikings and Sleep Number revealed that the two sides had agreed to a 10-year partnership. With the agreement, the company has promised to develop a specific sleep plan for each individual member of the Minnesota organization, including players, coaches, and staff members.

The Vikings are hoping that this extra emphasis on sleep will eventually amount to better results out on the field.

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Who knows, maybe some extra rest will cause Mike Zimmer to end up baking some cookies to send to all of the referees he’s cursed out over the years.