Why the Vikings bringing back Case Keenum would be a horrible idea

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Case Keenum
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Case Keenum /
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(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum /

Unnecessary controversy

For the first time in awhile, finding a new starting or backup quarterback is not a top priority for the Vikings this offseason.

With Trevor Siemian scheduled to be a free-agent this year, Minnesota might possibly look into adding another veteran signal-caller this offseason. But the Vikings also have Kyle Sloter under contract for another season, so the team could just end up deciding to roll with him has Kirk Cousins’ backup for 2019.

If Minnesota doesn’t want to re-sign Siemian and would like to add another veteran to their quarterback room this year, Keenum should not be among their possible options.

As much as he may provide what they want in a backup signal-caller, he would bring a lot more baggage with him to the Vikings than any other free-agent on the market this offseason.

Obviously this baggage doesn’t have to do with Keenum’s personality or any off-the-field problems, but it’s possible that his presence on the roster could create an unnecessary division inside the Vikings’ locker room. There may be some players left from Minnesota’s 2017 team that want him to be their starter instead of Cousins.

If Cousins has a bad game or two in 2019 with Keenum standing on the sidelines, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is likely going to have to answer questions about possibly making a change at quarterback. Something Zimmer probably never imagined would happen after Minnesota signed Cousins to a large contract last year.

If they want to add another veteran signal-caller to their roster, the Vikings would be better off signing a guy who won’t cause fans to chant his name the second after Cousins has a disappointing play.