Chris Jericho comments on the Vikings contract of Kirk Cousins

Sports entertainer, musician, and Minnesota Vikings fan Chris Jericho had strong comments about the team’s performance and the contract of Kirk Cousins.

Fans of professional sports can definitely be opinionated. A quick browse on social media when searching for the Minnesota Vikings can prove just how strong the emotions of fans can be when things are going badly as well as when things are good.

This stands true for celebrity fans of the team as well. By now, nearly everyone has seen some of the Twitter rants about the team by comedian Nick Swardson, music from Prince, or interviews from actor Josh Duhamel but you can add sports entertainer and rock star Chris Jericho to the mix.

A recent signer with All Elite Wrestling and frontman for the band Fozzy, Jericho recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show to discuss his new gig as well as his recently discovered love for the National Football League.

Among the topics discusses was the performance of the Vikings during the 2018 season and the contract of Kirk Cousins. Check out the interview as shared on the official YouTube channel of The Rich Eisen Show (Minnesota talk starts around the 4:24 mark):

Included in the interview is the origin of his Vikings fandom and a great story about his excitement and disappointment when attending the game against the Chicago Bears in Week 17 at U.S. Bank Stadium.

However, it was his comments about Kirk Cousins and the Vikings 2018 season that have been making the rounds of Minnesota’s fans on social media as well. Here is what he had to say:

“Not happy with Kirk Cousins and his $84 million contract. Couldn’t even get ’em in the playoffs.”

Of course, the frustration is understandable from the man known as the “Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” since Minnesota seemed to be on the cusp of a Super Bowl appearance in 2017 and were disappointing during the 2018 season.

Like all fans, he is entitled to his opinions on the team and his take on the Cousins deal isn’t exactly a rare sentiment. He also says that NFL fandom is a lot like any fandom where people are quick to criticize.

“That’s the thing about fans: like wrestling fans, KISS fans, Star Wars fans, football fans, they’re all the same. They love their team, they love their band, their wrestler, but they hate everything they do. And that’s kind of how it is when you’re an NFL fan.”

You can see Chris Jericho soon in All Elite Wrestling and when he tours with his band Fozzy. Plus, he and Minnesota Vikings fans around the world will be watching when the 2019 NFL season kicks off.

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