Predicting where the Vikings’ free-agents will sign in 2019

(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Sheldon Richardson
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Sheldon Richardson /
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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Anthony Barr
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Anthony Barr /

Anthony Barr – OLB

Along with Sheldon Richardson, Anthony Barr will be one of the most sought after Vikings’ free-agents. He’s only 26-years-old and has had a very productive career. Barr has totaled 338 tackles and 13.5 sacks in five years in the league. Those sack numbers look low, but he was playing in a 4-3 front and often asked to drop into coverage.

Teams who play a 3-4 front will find Barr especially attractive. This guy can blitz the quarterback and in that defensive scheme, he will get many more opportunities to do so. He could easily put up double-digit sacks playing in that defensive front.

The good news for Barr is that there are plenty of teams that play a 3-4 that need a pass rushing outside linebacker. The New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, and Baltimore Ravens are all 3-4 teams with plenty of cap space.

What’s even better news for Barr is that teams had to have liked how he played in a 4-3 in Minnesota. So those teams will also be after him. The Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Indianapolis Colts all have needs at linebacker and could also pursue Barr.

With all those teams in the mix, Barr can be picky as to where he wants to play. He said he wants to be on the west coast, having grown up in the Los Angeles area. That puts teams like the Rams and Chargers at the forefront of Barr’s wishlist. They both have plenty of cap space to offer Barr a deal worthy of his talent.

That being said, the Rams have been much more proactive in free agency in recent years and that’s where Barr is going to end up.

Prediction: Los Angeles Rams