6 potential Minnesota Vikings draft needs for 2020

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The Minnesota Vikings filled most of their holes during last month’s NFL Draft. Now it’s time to look ahead an see what positions they could address in the 2020 NFL Draft.

It’s never too early to begin looking ahead to the future. Yes, the 2019 NFL Draft isn’t even a month old and while it may seem crazy, it is absolutely fair game to begin thinking about what the Minnesota Vikings might do with the 32nd selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Obviously, it’s pointless to do a mock draft as the guys who are currently ranked as top prospects could end up going in the seventh round or later. It happens every single year.

What we can do, is project what positions the Vikings could be looking at by the time the draft comes around next year. We can get an idea just knowing what players will be hitting the free agent market in 2020 and by also looking at what positions Minnesota didn’t or couldn’t adequately address during the current offseason.

So which position groups could the Vikings be the most interested in when it eventually comes time for the 2020 NFL Draft?