6 most disappointing Minnesota Vikings seasons of all-time

(Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images) Brett Favre
(Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images) Brett Favre /
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(Photo by Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images) Randy Moss and Brett Farve
(Photo by Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images) Randy Moss and Brett Farve /

3. 2010 Vikings

Not many could have predicted the success that was experienced by the Vikings during the 2009 season. It ended with heartbreak in the NFC Championship, but it was a year filled with a lot of excitement and accomplishments thanks in part to the impressive play from quarterback Brett Favre.

After Minnesota’s NFC Championship loss to the New Orleans Saints in 2009, Favre was unsure if he would return to play in 2010. But the Vikings were able to convince the veteran gunslinger to come back for just one more season and make another run at the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the 2010 campaign turned out to be a lot different for Minnesota than what they were able to do in 2009. And we’re not talking about a good different.

The Vikings began the season by losing seven of their first 10 games. It didn’t seem like the team really had much of a chance from the start of the year.

Favre was still ailing from the bounty beatdown he was given during the 2009 NFC Championship and his performance took a big decline in 2010. He even ended up missing games for the first time since 1992 because he was so bruised and battered from opposing defenses.

In an effort to provide a spark, Minnesota traded for their former star wide receiver Randy Moss prior to their Week 5 matchup against the New York Jets. Moss didn’t do much in his second stint with the Vikings, but he also wasn’t given much of a chance to do anything since the team released him after just four games.

In addition to Favre playing like poop and Randy Moss doing an impression of the popular Grandpa Simpson GIF, Minnesota also fired head coach Brad Childress before their 2010 season came to an end.

With Favre returning, the Vikings were viewed as a team that could potentially make the Super Bowl in 2010. But things couldn’t have turned out much worse for the Hall of Fame quarterback and Minnesota once the regular season began.