Minnesota Vikings players come up short at 40 Yards of Gold competition

(Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Trae Waynes
(Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Trae Waynes /

Current and former Minnesota Vikings players weren’t able to come away with a victory at the 40 Yards of Gold competition.

Four former and current members of the Minnesota Vikings took part in a 40-yard dash competition called 40 Yards of Gold which featured several talented and speedy NFL players or free agents on June 29, 2019 at the BB&T Center in Florida.

Current Vikings included in the race where cornerback Trae Waynes and wide receiver Jeff Badet while former cornerbacks Jalen Myrick and Terrell Sinkfield were also part of the field of competitors according to Pro Football Talk.

The field was divided into offensive players in one bracket and defensive players in the other with the final showdown being the fastest from each bracket going head-to-head in a 40-yard dash for a cool $1 million.

In the end, the prize went to San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Goodwin is a former Olympian who is known for his speed and athleticism on the football field.

Interestingly enough, one of the favorites to win the event was a no-show. New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. had offered $10K to any individual who could beat him in the dash, but did not show up to back up his claim.

Other notable individuals taking part in the event were Alvin Kamara of the Saints, Robby Anderson of the Jets, Khalfani Muhammad of the Broncos, John Franklin of the Bears, Richie James of the 49ers, and free agents Rashard Robinson and Charles James as well as others.

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While it’s a shame that Waynes, Badet, Myrick, or Sinkfield couldn’t come away with the $1 million prize at the 40 Yards of Gold competition, the fact there were so many current and former members of the Minnesota Vikings at the event shows just how much speed that organization has.

Also, congratulations to Marquise Goodwin on his win.