Minnesota Vikings defensive end baffled by his Madden NFL 20 rating

(Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Stephen Weatherly
(Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Stephen Weatherly /

Each year, the Madden NFL series has the tough task of assigning a rating to each player in the league. One Minnesota Vikings player took offense to their assessment.

Sometimes there can be a big difference when you evaluate yourself and you are evaluated by others. That was the case when the player ratings for Madden NFL 20 were released and the Minnesota Vikings shared some of the ratings with their players.

In a video shared on the official Twitter account of the Vikings, David Morgan, Anthony Harris, and Stephen Weatherly were each given their overall ratings on the upcoming game and only one of them was pretty close with their guess.

Here is the tweet from the Vikings featuring the video where these players learned of their rankings:

Morgan thought he would be rating around a 70. He was right, and has a 71 overall rating at the game’s launch. Harris thought his excellent season last year would raise him above an 80, but instead sits at a 73 overall and laughed about having some work to do to get his numbers up.

However, it was Weatherly who was absolutely confused when he learned his ranking. Assuming that he would be around an 83. When he learned of his 70 overall rating, he did a double take and attempted to figure out which statistic of his was pulling him down.

He thought about this speed, awareness, strength, and other factors that could be dragging his score down, but each of those seemed to line up pretty closely with Everson Griffen and Danielle Hunter.

Weatherly filled in as a starter for Griffen during six games last year and played at a very high level. He showed that the Vikings depth when it comes to pass rush is solid, and deserves to be graded higher than being just an “average” player in the league.

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Stephen Weatherly’s gripe is legitimate, but thankfully the NFL and Madden NFL 20 rarely, if ever, have the same results. Another good season from the defensive end should see his rating improve in the video game, but what is more important is how he performs on the field for the real-life Minnesota Vikings.