Minnesota Vikings among the most valuable sports franchises in 2019

The Minnesota Vikings have built a massive empire of an NFL franchise which places them among the most valuable sports teams in the world.

There was a time not too long ago when the Minnesota Vikings were swirling the toilet bowl. Their team was struggling to get wins while their stadium was falling apart and their facilities were spread out to inexpensive areas to keep costs down.

All that changed when the Wilf family took ownership of the team. Since their purchase, fans have seen the amazing U.S. Bank Stadium be constructed along with a state-of-the-art home base in Eagan which includes a practice facility, front offices, conference rooms, and more. Add in the great hire of head coach Mike Zimmer, and the franchise has turned around very quickly.

Recently, Forbes released a list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world and the Minnesota Vikings made the list. They earned the number 35 place on the list by having a value of $2.4 billion.

They are 19th among NFL franchises, placing them near the middle of the pack when it comes to team value. Meanwhile, the polarization of pro football teams was obvious since many NFL teams found themselves increase in value on the list while the number of franchises included went down.

Last year, Forbes had the Vikings ranked 33rd with an identical value of $2.4 billion. This shows their value is holding steady despite a down year in 2018 on the football field. However, additions to Viking Lakes in Eagan, Minnesota may see the team’s value make a jump in value.

It is already pretty amazing that the Minnesota Vikings can make the list as a smaller-market team that has never won a Super Bowl, but it is even more astounding how quickly the franchise increased in value under the Wilf family. It proves the commitment ownership has made in the team and how much they believe in their investment.