5 surprise players who could make the Vikings’ 2019 roster

(Photo By Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images) Craig James
(Photo By Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images) Craig James /
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Austin Cutting – LS

As crazy as it is to even talk about, there will actually be a heated battle in camp this year to determine who will be the Vikings’ long snapper for 2019.

When Minnesota drafted Austin Cutting with their 12th and final pick this year, some figured it was a just throw-away kind of choice. Cutting was in the Air Force and he had a commitment to fill before he could start his pro career.

The Vikings were also cap-strapped and there was some thought that this was a pick they could stash for the future. Minnesota’s current long snapper, Kevin McDermott, is a good player and no one was calling for an upgrade prior to the draft.

Cutting recently found out he can fulfill his commitment to the Air Force partly while he is playing football and he can join the team as early as this year. This was surely a surprise to the team and Cutting himself and thus the battle was born.

McDermott has been solid for the Vikings during his four-year run with the team. He even gave up a finger during last year’s game against the Los Angeles Rams and he clearly is a team player.

Cutting will have to snap out of his mind to unseat the veteran, but it is certainly possible. Watching who the long snapper is will be one added bonus to Minnesota’s preseason this year.

It will be interesting to see if the team elects to rotate them game by game or half by half. Each guy should get a fair shot at the job and if Cutting can keep it close, the Vikings may roll with the cheaper option.