4 reasons why Kyle Sloter should be the Vikings’ No. 2 quarterback

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) Kyle Sloter
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) Kyle Sloter /
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(Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Kyle Sloter
(Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Kyle Sloter /

Great fit for the Vikings’ new offense

In his first gig as an NFL offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos in 1995, Gary Kubiak had the luxury of working with one of the greatest mobile quarterbacks of all-time in John Elway. Kubiak did begin coaching Elway at the end of the Hall of Famer’s playing career, but the veteran quarterback could still move around pretty well.

With the Broncos, Kubiak ran an offense that featured a lot of play-action and quarterback bootlegs. Now with the Vikings, much of that offensive scheme he ran in Denver is expected to be utilized by Minnesota this year.

A number of quarterbacks have found great success playing in Kubiak’s offense. If a passer is able to think on the fly and throw on the run, then his offense is one that they will likely do well with.

One of the best aspects of Kyle Sloter’s game is his ability to make plays with his feet. During his time on the field with the Vikings, Sloter has displayed the ability to rush for a few yards if needed and to also scramble away from an opposing pass rush.

The guy Minnesota currently has as their No. 2 quarterback, Sean Mannion, has the mobility of a frog with no legs. In college at Oregon State, Mannion rushed for a total of -804 yards (yes, that is a negative sign).

Mannion may have more of a familiarity with the concepts that the Vikings’ offense is expected to run this season, but he’s definitely not the prototypical quarterback for this specific scheme.

If Minnesota wants a backup who can run the offense as is if Kirk Cousins is lost for a game or two this season, then Sloter should be their guy.