Vikings should not be thinking about signing Antonio Brown

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Antonio Brown
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Antonio Brown /

After getting released by the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, signing the controversial receiver should not be a consideration for the Minnesota Vikings.

During their history, the Minnesota Vikings have had their share of controversial players. Just in the last two decades, former Vikings like Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Fred Smoot, and Onterrio Smith have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Currently, Minnesota has a roster of guys that are pretty tame and outside of cornerback Holton Hill, they don’t really have to worry about anyone causing any trouble inside or outside of the locker room.

On Saturday, the Oakland Raiders finally said enough is enough with Antonio Brown and they released the veteran wide receiver.

Given his track record on the field and his impressive talent, some might believe that the Vikings should try and figure out a way to sign Brown. But adding Brown this season is something that should not even be thought that crosses anyone’s mind in Minnesota.

Not only would the veteran receiver be a huge distraction off the field for the Vikings, but his recent history also suggests he could cause more harm than good to the team’s locker room.

In less than a year, Brown has been traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers and released by the Raiders. Based on some of his recent actions, there is a good chance that he will cause a bunch of problems for whatever team he ends up with next.

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The Vikings have taken some chances on a few players since Mike Zimmer was hired in 2014. But Brown’s next opportunity to play in the NFL should not be given to him by Minnesota.