Minnesota Vikings flexed out of prime-time in Week 15 vs. Chargers

The Minnesota Vikings playing the Los Angeles Chargers should be a fantastic contest, but apparently not good enough for Sunday Night Football in Week 15.

When talking about the most explosive teams in the NFL, both the Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Chargers have the ability to put a lot of points on the scoreboard in a short period of time on any given week.

However, those two teams are apparently not a good enough draw in Week 15 and the NFL has made the decision to pull this contest out of the prime-time slot on Sunday Night Football and into a standard late-afternoon time slot.

Here is the official Twitter account of the Minnesota Vikings announcing the change:

Which high-flying matchup from Week 15 will take the place of Minnesota and the Chargers in that high-profile time slot? Well, the Steelers and the Bills, of course.

Both the Steelers and the Bills are in the playoff hunt, which does add a bit of appeal to the contest, but neither of these teams should be expected to make a lot of noise even if they do happen to make the postseason. With teams like the Patriots, Ravens, and Chiefs in the AFC, it would be hard to imagine them making a big impact.

Meanwhile, Minnesota is a team that tends to perform better when they are out of the spotlight. Although they did defeat the Dallas Cowboys in a night game, whenever the schedule shows a prime-time game against a tough opponent, fans can’t help but cringe at least a little bit.

The game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Chargers will be played at 3:05 central time live from Carson, California on Sunday, Dec. 15. Make sure to adjust your purple and gold TV-watching schedules appropriately.

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