Packers and Bears fandoms ranked ahead of Vikings on FanSided 250

The Minnesota Vikings have earned a spot on the FanSided 250 list as one of the hottest fandoms of the year but are ranked behind two NFC North opponents.

Every year, FanSided accumulates its list of the hottest fandoms around the world. Whether it is a sports team, individual, comedian, musician, YouTuber, or any part of the entertainment world, they are eligible to make the list. This year, the Minnesota Vikings earned a spot on the FanSided 250 list.

The purple and gold landed at 109, which isn’t too shabby. They rank 12th among NFL teams thanks to a strong following on social media as well as being a highly searched topic by fans hungry for updated information about their favorite team.

While it’s nice to celebrate making the list, it’s hard not to look ahead on the list of the hottest fandoms of the year and see two division rivals ranked far better than the Vikings: Green Bay Packers at 44 and the Chicago Bears at 38.

It’s easy to understand why those teams are ranked higher though. Both those squads had very high hopes for the 2019 season while Minnesota had more questions than answers following a disappointing 2018 campaign.

That said, it’s easy to see why fans are excited about the Vikings this year. Dalvin Cook has been an absolute monster on the field and combining his efforts with an up and down season from Kirk Cousins have given fans hope that this team could be a contender this year. If they can tighten up their defense and continue to allow their offense to evolve, there is a chance people could be talking about a deep playoff run for Minnesota.

If the Minnesota Vikings can prove they are a team to watch, they could propel themselves up the list in a major way. on next year’s FanSided 250 list as one of the hottest fandoms around. Until then, fans should be happy they landed on the list, even if it beneath two division foes.

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