Why Kirk Cousins has earned another contract from the Vikings

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(Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Kirk Cousins

As his year with the Minnesota Vikings approaches the end, the veteran quarterback deserves to be given a contract extension during the upcoming offseason.

When Kirk Cousins decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, his deal was unique for a number of reasons. It not only included the most fully-guaranteed money in NFL history, but the contract was also for just three years.

Typically, deals that include the high amount of money Cousins was given have a length of at least five years. But the veteran quarterback was clearly looking to the future when he signed with the Vikings and he wanted to make sure it was a contract that both parties could be done with after three seasons if the relationship didn’t end up working out.

As his second year in Minnesota nears the end, however, Cousins’ tenure with the team is seeming more and more like it’s going to last much longer than just another season. This year, the quarterback was able to help the Vikings get back into the playoffs while also putting up impressive numbers, once again.

The potential of Cousins earning a contract extension from Minnesota already felt pretty high going into Sunday’s postseason matchup with the New Orleans Saints. With the Vikings coming away with the victory though, the veteran signal-caller has now proven enough to have his time in the Twin Cities extended.

For those who are still on the fence about Minnesota extending Cousins in the near future, let’s go over a few reasons why he’s earned a new deal.

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