6 most important offseason priorities for the Vikings in 2020

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(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Dalvin Cook

In order to improve their chances in 2020, what are some of the things that should be the biggest priorities for the Minnesota Vikings this offseason?

After failing to surpass their 2017 success in each of the last two years, the Minnesota Vikings are now arguably entering their most important offseason since Mike Zimmer was hired as the team’s head coach in 2014.

The Vikings have a lot of big decisions to make during the next few months and some of them will likely have a tremendous impact on the future of the franchise.

The big question for Minnesota this offseason is what path do they want to take? Do they want to part ways with a number of longtime contributors and start fresh or do they want to roll with most of the guys that they have for the last handful of years and see if they can finally put all the pieces in place for a championship season in 2020?

Whatever route the Vikings decide to follow, there a number of things that have to be at the top of their priority list during the next few months. So what should be some of Minnesota’s biggest priorities this offseason?

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