Chad Greenway launches program to help high school athletics

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) Chad Greenway
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) Chad Greenway /

High school athletics in Minnesota will have access to VNN’s technology package thanks in part to the former Minnesota Vikings linebacker.

On the football field, Chad Greenway was known as one of the most solid and reliable tacklers in Minnesota Vikings history. Now that he has been retired for a few years, the former linebacker is still coming up clutch.

Sadly, participation in high school athletics has declined for the first time in 30 years and the two-time Pro Bowl defender wanted to do something about it. A program titled Project Five could help change that.

A joint effort by Greenway, Twin Cities Orthopedics, and VNN, Project Five will provide high school athletic programs with the best available software available, at no cost, in the hope of drawing more kids into sports.

The software made available to schools by Project Five is being used in only 10 percent of schools around the country and it is valued at approximately $2,500. Hopefully, schools in Minnesota will take advantage of this program, which should help encourage more students to join athletics.

When Greenway saw participation in high school athletics were on the decline, he knew he had to do something about it. He spoke about that in a press release that was shared on the Sport Techie website.

"“We envision a future where every student has access and opportunity to the benefits of athletic participation, no matter the sport. State-of-the-art digital tools can support high school sports management tasks which, in turn, drives more people to games, makes it easier to sign up, and builds community involvement.”"

Greenway’s vision to ensure that high school athletic departments have the resources available to attract students to sports is admirable.

As a father of four daughters and the president of the Wayzata Girls Basketball Association, he knows the importance of not only keeping active but having fun in a team-based atmosphere.

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It’s great to see Greenway continue to give back to the state where he played 11 seasons in the NFL. He also has his Lead the Way foundation, which had programs such as the TendHer Heart Luncheon, Field of Dreams, Chad’s Locker, and playground builds for handicapped children.