What could Baylor WR Denzel Mims add to the Vikings?

(Photo by John Weast/Getty Images) Denzel Mims
(Photo by John Weast/Getty Images) Denzel Mims /
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(Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images) Denzel Mims
(Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images) Denzel Mims /

How can Mims improve?

There are not many weaknesses when you look at Denzel Mims’ play during his college career. Any improvement will just be fine-tuning for a player with an incredible amount of potential.

One of the prominent areas of need for growth is Mims’ route running. He will need a better repertoire in the NFL if he is going to get the better of experienced cornerbacks. His superior size has gotten him through college, but he will need more at the next level.

Mims has come on a great deal when it comes to working out ways to make the most of his impressive tools as his experience has grown. That being said, he needs to adjust better to in-game situations and disguise his breaks in a cleaner manner to keep opposing cornerbacks on their toes.

He works the sideline a lot and could to with better vision and awareness when it comes to foot positioning in tight spaces that have the potential to go out of bounds. Mims’ frame also hampers his change of direction on occasions, although you are just splitting hairs if you think this is going to be a problem that impacts his ability to produce in the NFL.

The player is actually quite explosive for a man his size and is quicker than his tape suggests. If teams are looking for immediate help then they could do far worse than taking Mims.

If he can work on and improve the areas stated, then the sky is the limit for the prospect.