Do the Vikings need a better backup quarterback in 2020?

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Sean Mannion
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Sean Mannion /
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(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) Mike Glennon
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) Mike Glennon /

Free-agent options

The Vikings’ problems picking up top-tier free agents has been well documented this offseason. This is down to their salary cap restrictions that forced the decision-makers to make some difficult choices regarding highly paid stars.

Minnesota was able to adjust the cap hits for some of their top players (Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter) and this might only be a short-term solution to their financial peril. But it gives them a fighting chance to be competitive in 2020. That would come to an end if Cousins went down and Sean Mannion was forced to go in to replace him.

There are plenty of intriguing backup options still available who might command a little more money, but they would be far more reliable. Someone like Jameis Winston is well out of the Vikings price range, while the likes of Joe Flacco might be looking for a better position to get a starting job somewhere down the line.

Someone with more realistic ambitions getting under center would be worth exploring for the Vikings. Mike Glennon is someone who springs to mind as a better backup quarterback option in Minnesota. Whether the former Oakland Raiders quarterback would price himself out of moving to the franchise or not is up for debate.

With no money around and other pressing needs, combined with what Minnesota has now committed to Cousins going forward, they might be stuck with what they have for the time being.