6 worst Minnesota Vikings first-round picks of the last decade

(Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images) Matt Kalil
(Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images) Matt Kalil /
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Shariff Floyd – DT (2013)

Shariff Floyd is another guy whose Vikings career was cut short due to injury. Before the 2013 NFL Draft, Floyd was considered one of the top talents available. Many draft experts had him pegged as a surefire top-five pick and it was shocking when he began falling down the board.

There was no real explanation given for Floyd’s fall, but Minnesota gladly scooped him up with the 23rd overall choice.

Floyd started a bit slow with the Vikings. In his rookie season, he had just 19 total tackles and 2.5 sacks. The light came on in year two though, as Floyd improved his numbers to 42 tackles and 4.5 sacks.

He proved to be a perfect fit in Mike Zimmer’s defense as a penetrating defensive tackle who could disrupt the timing of an opponent’s offense.

The big man did deal with some minor knee and ankle injures, which caused him to miss time here and there for Minnesota. His numbers slipped in his third season and he decided to have surgery in 2016.

Instead of doing a minor surgery, the doctors apparently did a major one and Floyd never returned to the field. He has since sued for compensation.

Floyd was a talented player for the Vikings and it was a shame that his career came to an end before it could really get rolling. While it may not be fair to include him here, his career numbers of 95 tackles and nine sacks make it valid.