What the Vikings can expect from Cameron Dantzler in 2020

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler /
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(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler /

The Bad

Needs to Bulk UP

Cameron Dantzler’s length does not necessarily mean he has size. He plays slim, weighing in at the Combine at just 188 pounds. His slow 40-yard dash time was a big reason for his fall in the draft and that time was likely a result of him bulking up ahead of testing.

Realistically, Dantzler played much lighter than his 188-pound listing, meaning he will get bullied at the line in the NFL.

If he cannot figure out a way to play fast at a bigger size, he may have a tough time adjusting to life in the NFL. Mike Zimmer will not be kind to him if he cannot play with the same physicality at the next level due to his slim frame.

Ball Skills

Dantzler is a solid player when the ball is in the air, but he struggled at times to read the ball down the field. His timing and adjustment to jump balls is a bit of a concern at this point.

He needs to clean up the way he attacks the ball and be more consistent in doing so. Dantzler did a great job of making plays a lot of the time, but he still had far too many instances of getting slow reads off the line and he gave up yards underneath. Hopefully, he can work on his timing on the outside so he can stick as an outside corner.

Run Support

Yes, Dantzler can tackle, and no, stopping the run is not a big factor when evaluating cornerbacks. However, he struggles to break free of blocks and get into position to tackle on a consistent basis. He needs to be more effective in run support because he is more than willing to hit in space.