Harrison Smith could be next to get extended by the Vikings

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Harrison Smith
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Harrison Smith /

Veteran Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith has two years remaining on his current contract, but the team could decide to extend him to free up some more cap space.

Throughout the ups and downs of the Minnesota Vikings during the last decade, Harrison Smith has been one of the most reliable players to suit up for the purple and gold.

Smith began his career with the Vikings in 2012 and since then, he’s earned five trips to the Pro Bowl and one First-Team All-Pro selection. He’s been one of the key pieces to a Minnesota defense that has been able to remain among the NFL’s best for the majority of Mike Zimmer’s tenure as the team’s head coach.

Well, Smith is now 31-years-old and he’s heading into his ninth season with the Vikings. As much as some people might not want to admit it, the veteran safety is nearing closer to the end of his time in the league.

Smith’s current deal with Minnesota has him under contract with the team until 2021. The Vikings can even get out of his deal after the upcoming season and not owe him a penny.

If the Vikings were going to extend Smith before the end of his contract, most would assume it would probably happen in 2021 and not before next season. However, Minnesota has other players they need to pay this year and giving their top safety a new deal this summer might give them some additional cap space.

It wouldn’t have to be anything drastic. But if the Vikings can figure out a way to lower Smith’s cap hit by at least $4 million, it could be a tremendous help in the team’s efforts to extend Dalvin Cook and figure out a new contract for Anthony Harris.

Currently, Smith’s cap hit for 2020 is costing Minnesota $10.75 million. It’s not an extremely high amount, but the Vikings’ current lack of spending money is going to force them to get creative when it comes to signing other players.

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Unless his performance takes a terrible dive in the wrong direction next season, it’s safe to assume Smith will be given an extension from Minnesota in 2021. But if the Vikings need some help to clear up cap space this summer, it’s not crazy to think that the safety might be given a new deal sooner than later.