3 toughest games on the Minnesota Vikings 2020 schedule

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(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Anthony Barr /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Week 11

Dallas Cowboys (Home)

Why would a home game be among the Vikings’ toughest matchups in 2020, especially against a team that didn’t even make the playoffs last season?

Well, one reason why the order of the schedule is so important in determining how successful Minnesota might or might not be in 2020 is that we are able to find out how much rest they have in between each game.

For this matchup with the Cowboys, the Vikings will be coming off a Monday night, NFC North showdown on the road against the Chicago Bears. Meaning Minnesota will have one less day to rest and prepare for Dallas than they would if their Week 10 game took place on a Sunday.

In addition to the Vikings’ reduced time to prepare, the Cowboys actually have a significant amount of time to get ready for their trip to the Twin Cities since their bye this season comes in Week 10. Since 2016, Dallas has won three of their four games that directly follow their bye week.

Aside from their extra time to prepare, the Cowboys also just have the potential to be really successful in 2020.

With a new head coach in Mike McCarthy, an offense that added another dangerous weapon in wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, and a defense that was already packed with talent, Minnesota defeating Dallas next season was already going to be difficult regardless of when they showed up on their schedule.