5 players Minnesota Vikings will miss most in 2020

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The Minnesota Vikings will wind up missing these five players in 2020.

The Minnesota Vikings lost a handful of veteran players in NFL free agency. Some of these losses were due to their own accord, through cuts or working a trade to get them out of town. Others left because, for the most part, they were just going to cost too much for the Vikings to re-sign and they had to look for their money with a new team.

Some of these losses will hurt the Vikings more than others. A few of these players have been with the team for many years and had key roles on their respective sides of the football. The Vikings do have some young players ready to step in and fill the losses, highlighted by the 15 rookie prospects brought in during the 2020 NFL Draft.

But it is always a crapshoot predicting how a rookie will perform early in his career. And placing lofty expectations upon a first-year player within a team ready to win now is a risky thing to do.

Here’s a list of five former Vikings whom the team could miss the most as the 2020 season unfolds.

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