Randy Moss tabbed as the guy who can save ‘Monday Night Football’

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Randy Moss
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Randy Moss /

The former Minnesota Vikings receiver could revitalize ESPN’s weekly broadcast.

During his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss was never really one to bite his tongue. If Moss had an opinion on something, people were going to hear about it more often than not.

Now almost eight years removed from his last snap in the NFL, the former Vikings wide receiver has developed a second career as a football analyst. Moss initially began his broadcasting career with Fox Sports and then in 2016, he signed with ESPN.

During his time with ESPN, the former Minnesota pass-catcher has been a fixture on the network’s weekly programming during the NFL season that includes “Sunday NFL Countdown” and “Monday Night Countdown”.

Could the former Minnesota Vikings star be heading to the “Monday Night Football” booth?

After providing football fans with the disaster of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland in the “Monday Night Football” booth for the last two years (plus Jason Witten for one of these years as well), ESPN is in need of a new commentary team for their weekly NFL game.

A number of names have been thrown into the discussion as possible candidates, including Moss. Yahoo’s Frank Schwab is someone who believes the former Vikings receiver could save the Monday night broadcast for ESPN.

"“People would tune in to watch Moss on ‘Monday Night Football’. That’s not the case for anybody else who has been mentioned as a realistic option.Moss is smart, charismatic, entertaining, an enormous name, and almost universally loved by fans. It’s almost June and ESPN still hasn’t announced its ‘MNF’ booth for 2020. The best answer is pretty easy, and he already works for the network.”"

Schwab thinks Moss really has the total package to transform “Monday Night Football” back into must-see television. The former Minnesota receiver has reach and fans across multiple generations and he could provide people with another reason to tune in other than the actual game that is being played.

As much as people enjoy hearing Moss analyze their favorite sport, ESPN might view him as too outspoken for their “Monday Night Football” booth. When is the last time the network had someone in the booth who wasn’t afraid to say what was on their mind like Moss?

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Moss would absolutely be a great choice for the new “Monday Night Football” commentary team. But is ESPN willing to step outside their comfort zone though and go with someone who isn’t a cookie-cutter version of a broadcaster?