Kicking continuity a major bonus for Minnesota Vikings in 2020

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Dan Bailey
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Dan Bailey /

Bringing back the kicking unit from 2019 seems like a smart move for the Minnesota Vikings.

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have seen enough problems from the team’s kicking unit over the course of franchise history. Whether it is improbable misses, wild shanks, or disappointing finishes, too much can rest on the foot of a special teams player.

Over the course of the last few seasons, the team has tried everything to find a unit that works. They have spent draft picks, traded for players with potential, and dipped into free agency with some frustrating results.

Thankfully, the kicking unit that was successful for the purple and gold last season will be returning to the team for the 2020 NFL season and that should help the Minnesota Vikings and their fans become much more comfortable about punts and field goals.

Marwan Maalouf, the team’s special teams coordinator, recently spoke with the Twin Cities media on a video conference call and spoke about how important it is for the team not to be shuffling players or looking for answers in such important places.

"“For him and Austin and Dan to come together as fast as they did, having two really good pros, I think that’s a huge plus,” said Maalouf."

The Vikings struggling to find the combination of a kicker, punter, and holder was likely hilarious to fans outside of Minnesota. Watching the team burn resources trying to fill those holes was beyond frustrating. Thankfully, kicking shouldn’t be among the top concerns for the team in 2020.

"“There’s so much uncertainty now, so for us to have those three guys that have worked together before is a tremendous plus for us,” Maalouf said. “When [Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman] and I spoke in the offseason, hopefully about getting these guys to be Vikings for a while, I don’t think this was the year to experiment with getting different bodies in here – and let’s face it, I didn’t want any different bodies.”"

Spielman listened and locked down kicker Dan Bailey and punter Britton Colquitt until 2023, matching the year the team’s holder, Austin Cutting, ends his rookie contract.

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It’s good to know the team shouldn’t be in the market for a new specialist on the kicking unit any time and that the players currently under contract seem to have the support of the coaching staff and the general manager. Keep your fingers crossed, Minnesota Vikings fans.