6 most disappointing Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks of all-time

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Sam Bradford
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Sam Bradford /
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Which former Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks never lived up to the hype?

Since the franchise took the field for their very first game back in 1961, disappointment has been a word the Minnesota Vikings and their fans are, unfortunately, quite familiar with.

Getting your hopes and your heart ripped out has really just become part of the tradition of being a Vikings fan. If there were trophies given out for letting people down, Minnesota would be a dynasty.

Disappointment is something that can be used in many forms when it comes to the Vikings. It can not only be used to describe the franchise as a whole, but it’s a word that fits in the description of a number of their former players as well.

When it comes to quarterbacks, Minnesota has seen more come through their doors than they probably would’ve liked. Stability and Vikings signal-callers go together like mayonnaise and apples.

As far as disappointment and its relation to former Vikings quarterbacks, this is something that could describe a number of their ex-passers. Who deserves the illustrious title as the most disappointing Minnesota signal-caller in team history?