6 most disappointing Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks of all-time

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Minnesota Vikings

(Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images) Christian Ponder

Which former Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks never lived up to the hype?

Since the franchise took the field for their very first game back in 1961, disappointment has been a word the Minnesota Vikings and their fans are, unfortunately, quite familiar with.

Getting your hopes and your heart ripped out has really just become part of the tradition of being a Vikings fan. If there were trophies given out for letting people down, Minnesota would be a dynasty.

Disappointment is something that can be used in many forms when it comes to the Vikings. It can not only be used to describe the franchise as a whole, but it’s a word that fits in the description of a number of their former players as well.

When it comes to quarterbacks, Minnesota has seen more come through their doors than they probably would’ve liked. Stability and Vikings signal-callers go together like mayonnaise and apples.

As far as disappointment and its relation to former Vikings quarterbacks, this is something that could describe a number of their ex-passers. Who deserves the illustrious title as the most disappointing Minnesota signal-caller in team history?

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