6 new NFC North rivalries for the Vikings that will start in 2020

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Vikings Defense vs. Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers draft this year was pretty gross overall and it doesn’t provide many exciting new rivalries for the Vikings this season. One, however, that we may not see much of this year, but we will in the future, is the Packers’ new quarterback Jordan Love against Minnesota’s defense.

Vikings fans have to admit whether they like it or not that facing the Green Bay quarterbacks during the last two decades has been a challenging, but extremely rewarding experience.

Minnesota had to go against Brett Favre twice a year for many seasons. Sometimes the Vikings defense got the best of him and other times he made incredible plays that beat Minnesota and broke the hearts of their fans.

The same can be said for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers found lightning in a bottle twice and followed up one Hall of Fame quarterback with another.

Rodgers has had plenty of moments against the Vikings where he’s lead Green Bay to a victory. However, there have been plenty of times where Minnesota’s pass rush has gotten to him and forced him to have a bad game, giving the Vikings the win.

Is it possible the Packers found themselves another great quarterback? Love is an athletic and mobile quarterback with a live arm. His accuracy can be an issue, but the team can work on his mechanics before he needs to see any meaningful snaps.

The Vikings’ defensive rivalry with Love is probably still a couple of years away, however, there is a way it happens this year. Obviously, the first is a potential Rodgers injury.

If Rodgers goes down, the Packers will give the reins to their young quarterback, giving him a trial by fire. The other would be if either the Green Bay or Minnesota are way up late in a game and the Packers decide to give Love some experience.

It’s hard to say at this point what type of quarterback Love will end up being. If he’s good, the Vikings will take extra pleasure in defeating him.

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If he ends up being the Packers’ first miss in awhile at the position, Minnesota will also take pleasure in making sure his stay in Green Bay is a short one.