Could the Vikings and Packers both lose the NFC North in 2020?

The division has belonged to the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers for eight of the last nine years.

When talking about the recent history of the NFC North, it’s easy to see it has been dominated by two teams: the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Sure, the Chicago Bears have slipped in there a couple of times since 2007, but it has mostly been a game of hot potato pitting the purple and gold against the green and gold.

Recently, Pro Football Focus took to their Twitter account to offer some interesting advice to their followers. That advice: to bet on the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North during the 2020 NFL season.

The reasoning given is interesting. The belief is there are fewer question marks with the Honolulu blue than there are with the other teams in the division they have talented pass catchers, and their defense should improve with their new arrivals.

Still, if you value your money, you might not want to place that bet. Laying down money against the Mike Zimmer led Minnesota Vikings or the Packers with Aaron Rodgers at the helm doesn’t sound like a smart investment with your hard-earned money.

If Detroit were to pull off this feat this year, it would be their first division title since 1993 when they went 10-6 but lost to the Packers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. To make matters even worse, the division was won more recently by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1999 back when it was the NFC Central, adding even more pain for Lions fans.

Sure, it’s possible the Vikings and Packers both falter in 2020 and the door opens up for another team to grab the NFC North crown. However, even if that does happen, the Lions would still have to outplay the Chicago Bears to end this woeful streak of losing the division title.

Please, save your money. Or, if you really feel the need to place a wager, bet on either the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers for better odds to win.