5 reasons why Kirk Cousins is currently better than Aaron Rodgers

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(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins /
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Cousins has connected on more deep touchdown passes recently

Deep touchdown passes are not the end-all stat parameter to define quarterback supremacy. But it is appropriate to gauge Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins with this metric since the Packers quarterback is widely known for his deep-ball acumen.

Conversely, Cousins is frequently assigned football terms that imply he throws tiny passes to achieve success. We will touch upon this later, but let’s focus on the deep passes for now.

Since 2015, Rodgers has thrown 12 touchdown passes of 40 yards or more which ranks as the 17th-most in NFL. This is a commendable amount, but it’s not elite.

During this same time period, Cousins has thrown 23 touchdowns of 40 yards or more, which ranks as the second-most in the league. For this metric, this more than commendable, this is elite.

For full disclosure, Cousins has attempted 153 more passes than Rodgers in this five-year window. So, if one believes that the Green Bay quarterback would hypothetically throw 11 more deep touchdowns if he was given 153 more opportunities, so be it.

It’s unlikely though, as that would essentially be the equivalent of 11 touchdown passes of 40 yards or more in the span of five games. While this is technically possible, it’s not realistic. In fact, it would shatter records.

Think of it another way. Since 2015, 17 percent of Cousins’ touchdown passes have been of 40 yards or more while only nine percent of the touchdowns Rodgers threw traveled at least 40 yards.