5 reasons why Kirk Cousins is currently better than Aaron Rodgers

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(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins /
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Quarterback metrics say Cousins was better than Rodgers in 2019

If naysayers remain obtuse on the topic, this will be the smoking gun.

In 2019, Kirk Cousins’ passer rating was 107.4. Of all quarterbacks that started 12 games or more, this ranked second in the NFL. As for Aaron Rodgers, his passer rating last season finished at 95.4, which ranked ninth in the league. Subtracting any opinion-bias or eye-test, Cousins was better than Rodgers in this statistical parameter.

In terms of QBR, the Vikings quarterback ended last season with a 58.4. Of all qualifying quarterbacks, this ranked 13th in the NFL while Rodgers’ 2019 QBR of 50.4 ranked 22nd.

Cousins was better in this regard, too. In a very curious coincidence, the Packers signal-caller is again bedfellows with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett in an individual quarterback statistic as Brissett’s QBR in 2019 was 50.1.

Finally, Pro Football Focus assigns football grades to every NFL player. In 2019, Cousins’ PFF grade was 84.3 which was good for sixth-best in the business. This time, Rodgers was narrowly behind at 81.2 and ranking seventh on the list.

Three measurable metrics to prove who was the better quarterback last season.

In all three circumstances, Cousins comes out ahead of Rodgers. An argument can be made that if the reputation of the Green Bay quarterback did not precede him so prominently, this analysis would be so palpable that it would be impossible to ignore.