Minnesota Vikings: 4 realistic free agent signings that make sense

(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) Ziggy Ansah
(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) Ziggy Ansah /
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Minnesota Vikings
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What are some common-sense free agent acquisitions the Minnesota Vikings might still make?

If you are looking for something to read that says the Minnesota Vikings will sign Antonio Brown, Jadeveon Clowney, or Colin Kaepernick, this is not it. Those are fun to talk to about but are unlikely to come to fruition.

The Vikings are said to have about $13 million under the salary cap in remaining funds. That allotment leaves room for a few (or one noteworthy) acquisitions if the team decides it wants to bolster some areas of the depth chart.

Decent options do exist on the current free-agent market, if only to prop up depth or encourage positional battles. Vikings faithful are holding out hope for a return of Everson Griffen, but there is likely an impasse in money talks as was the case this spring.

The following four players are sensible, affordable, and realistic free agent moves the Minnesota Vikings might and perhaps will make. The team does not have the monetary space for all four–but one or two joining the roster is not unreasonable to surmise.

**This list is ordered in ascendance from good-fit to great-fit.