Will Case Keenum ever be a starting quarterback in the NFL again?

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) Case Keenum
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) Case Keenum /

The former Minnesota Vikings passer has seen his recent play trend in the wrong direction.

Thanks to being the guy who threw the pass during the “Minneapolis Miracle”, Case Keenum will always be remembered in a positive light for the time he spent with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017.

That ended up being Keenum’s only season with the Vikings and since then, his career as a quarterback in the NFL hasn’t been as much fun as it was when he was wearing purple.

Now, he’s a member of the Cleveland Browns and he’s expected to open the upcoming 2020 season as the team’s No. 2 signal-caller behind Baker Mayfield.

Will the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback ever get another shot to be a starter?

Since he last hit the field with Minnesota, Keenum has begun the past two years as a Week 1 starter. In 2018, he was supposed to be the top quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and then last season, Washington selected him as their starting passer over rookie Dwayne Haskins.

Since he ended up with Washington last year, even those who weren’t paying close attention to Keenum in 2018 were able to realize that his stint with the Broncos didn’t turn out too great. His numbers weren’t terrible (3,890 passing yards, 18 touchdowns, 15 interceptions), but he was only able to lead Denver to six wins.

It got even worse in Washington last season as the team only managed to grab one victory in Keenum’s eight starts under center.

So now, he’s with the Browns and reunited with former Vikings assistant Kevin Stefanski. In Minnesota, Stefanski was Keenum’s quarterbacks coach and he helped the veteran passer have the best single-season of his NFL career.

Cleveland will be a good opportunity for Keenum to take a bit of a step back and potentially fine-tune some of the things he’s been struggling with since he left the Vikings. His success with Stefanski in the past should also give the Browns confidence that he can step in and help the team for a few games if Mayfield ends up having to miss some time this year due to injury.

Will Keenum ever get the chance to be a Week 1 starter in the NFL again? At 32-years-old, time certainly isn’t in the quarterback’s favor and his failures in Denver and Washington don’t help either.

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Unless he can put together a string of games during the next few seasons where he performs like he did for Minnesota in 2017, it’s hard to imagine a team putting all their faith in Keenum as a starter once again. Stranger things have happened in the NFL, but it seems safe to say that his opportunities to be the definitive top quarterback for a team around the league are likely over.