4 things to expect from the Vikings pass-catchers in 2020

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) Adam Thielen
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) Adam Thielen /
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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Adam Thielen /

Thielen will notch over 1,200 receiving yards

This is the surest thing of the whole deal. Barring injury, of course.

In 2020, Adam Thielen is going to finally get a chance to be out on his own and for better or worse, his numbers will reflect it. The same will likely be the case for Stefon Diggs in Buffalo.

The two have been so similar statistically for the last few years and so inherently linked at the hip that we never knew if one was on the precipice of turning into a pass-catching alpha male.

They both will get their chance in September.

It will not matter that teams can focus primarily on Thielen. That flimsy theory operates under the pretense that said teams will decide they can ignore Justin Jefferson, Irv Smith Jr., Kyle Rudolph, Dalvin Cook, and Bisi Johnson just because Diggs is gone.

Teams can try it, but Kirk Cousins should be able to light them up with strikes to the non-Thielen targets and the opposing defenses will soon realize the strategy is futile.

Thielen turns 30 before the upcoming season begins. In 2000, a 30-year-old Rod Smith registered over 1,600 receiving yards with the Denver Broncos even with a duo of Brian Griese and Gus Frerotte playing pitch-and-catch with him.

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The least Thielen can do is surpass 1,200 yards. And, Thielen will likely sprinkle in nine to 12 touchdowns in 2020. It will happen.