Vikings are apparently contenders to sign Dak Prescott in 2021

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Dak Prescott
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Dak Prescott /

Oddsmakers have the Minnesota Vikings as a top contender to sign the quarterback.

Earlier this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings made the decision to give Kirk Cousins an extension that will keep him under contract with the team until 2023. Cousins’ new deal is also set up in a way that it would be incredibly surprising if the Vikings were to release him during next year’s offseason.

Despite their commitment to Cousins, Minnesota continues to be included in the discussion about the teams who could potentially sign current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in 2021.

Since he and the Cowboys were unable to work out a long-term deal earlier this week, Prescott is scheduled to hit free agency after the conclusion of the upcoming season. For some reason, the Vikings are near the top of the list of the teams that oddsmakers believe could possibly sign the young signal-caller next year.

Minnesota Vikings given the third-best odds to sign Dak Prescott in 2021

Apparently, the extension Minnesota gave to Cousins this year didn’t mean much to the oddsmakers attempting to predict where Prescott will land in 2021.

BetOnline recently released their odds for each team when it comes to signing the current Cowboys quarterback next year and the Vikings are currently near the top of the list with the third-best odds (8/1) of any franchise in the NFL. Only the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears have better odds to add Prescott to their roster in 2021 than Minnesota according to BetOnline.

How BetOnline believes the Vikings will even come close to signing Prescott next year is anyone’s guess. If Minnesota cuts Cousins in 2021, he will still account for $10 million of the team’s salary cap, something that doesn’t seem like it would be the smartest decision in the world for the Vikings to make.

If Minnesota figures out a way to trade Cousins during the 2021 offseason, then they would actually free up $11 million in cap space. However, this is still a scenario that seems pretty unlikely.

If the Vikings actually do decide to move on from Cousins after this season, why would they just go and sign another free-agent quarterback to a big-money contract and potentially experience similar results? More than likely, Minnesota would turn to the NFL Draft for their next starting-signal caller if Cousins is shown the door in 2021.

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So if these odds seem, well, odd, it’s because they are. Unless BetOnline stole Mike Zimmer’s crystal ball and they can see into the future, Minnesota has no business being near the top of this list.