Why no preseason could be bad news for the Vikings in 2020

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It sounds like the Minnesota Vikings are not going to have any preseason games this year.

While the results of the NFL’s preseason games are meaningless each year, the contests do actually mean something to the players who are attempting to make the roster of the Minnesota Vikings and every other team around the league.

After this year’s preseason was reportedly reduced to two matchups by the NFL a couple of weeks ago, it now appears that the league is closer eliminating all of their exhibition games this summer.

On Monday, the NFL reportedly sent a proposal to the NFLPA that would cancel this year’s preseason. It’s something that the players have been pushing for and the league is apparently giving up their fight to keep the preseason alive.

How zero preseason games could impact the Minnesota Vikings

While most Vikings players will be happy to not have a preseason this year, not having these exhibition games could actually have a negative impact on the team.

The guys over at Bleeding Purple recently discussed how Minnesota not having a preseason this summer might not turn out too great for the purple and gold.

While some of the Vikings’ top contributors like Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Danielle Hunter should be fine without their usual handful of snaps in the preseason, position groups with less experience need as many reps as they can get this year.

Just look at the current corners on Minnesota’s roster. The Vikings will have two new starting cornerbacks and a new slot corner this season and their first opportunity to play in an actual game situation together could come against the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in Week 1.

No preseason will also mean fewer opportunities for Minnesota’s undrafted free agents and their players who were late-round draft picks this year. Some of these guys could have secured a spot on the Vikings active roster or the team’s practice squad with a solid performance in the preseason.

This season was already going to be much different than anything before and the reported elimination of the preseason will only add to the craziness.

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