3 ways the Minnesota Vikings can sign Jadeveon Clowney

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) Jadeveon Clowney
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) Jadeveon Clowney /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Move on from Cook in a longterm sense

This is a much more grim alternative. In 2019, Dalvin Cook accounted for nearly 30 percent of all yards from scrimmage for the Vikings. He is currently holding out for a contract that guarantees him more money.

In the event Cook remains steadfast and does not show up to play for Week 1, Minnesota’s hand will be forced to start either Alexander Mattison or Mike Boone, two running backs that are already on the roster. Each tailback is capable of clicking in a Gary Kubiak offense, although perhaps not to the esteemed extent that Cook has shown.

For the Vikings to have an interest in Jadeveon Clowney, it is unlikely the team would have the funds to pay him, Cook, and Reily Reiff all large salaries in the future.

The mindset would need to be one that acknowledges Cook is not part of the longterm plan and therefore the salary cap dollars are available to allocate elsewhere. That “elsewhere” could very well be to Clowney.

It should be noted that one smaller trade or cap casualty would need to take place to make this option operational.

Clowney’s price tag is said to be north of $15 million per year. Minnesota currently has around $10 million in cap space so somebody like Shamar Stephen would probably have to be released or sent to a different team via trade. And, someone such as Kyle Rudolph would potentially have to be sacrificed next year, at least in terms of cap dollars.