Bengals cut former Vikings draft pick Moritz Boehringer

The NFL dream might be over for the former Minnesota Vikings receiver.

Heading into the 2016 NFL Draft, he was touted as the “German Randy Moss”, so it was only fitting that Moritz Boehringer ended up getting selected by the Minnesota Vikings.

Boehringer was a unique prospect in that he didn’t play any college football before declaring for the NFL Draft. His only football experience came from being in a low-level pro football league in his home country of Germany.

Boehringer turned a lot of heads with his testing numbers during the pre-draft process and it’s what eventually led to the Vikings using a sixth-round pick to add him to their roster in 2016.

Time might be up for the former Minnesota Vikings receiver

After getting drafted, the young receiver lasted about a year and a half with Minnesota. He spent his rookie season on the Vikings practice squad and then in 2017, he was part of the team’s final cuts before the start of the regular season.

Despite his tremendous athletic abilities, Boehringer wasn’t ever able to find a role in Minnesota and his short stint in purple felt like the only opportunity he would get to make an NFL roster.

However, the Cincinnati Bengals came calling in 2018 and signed him. With the Bengals, not much changed for Boehringer other than his position.

He converted to tight end in Cincinnati, but it still didn’t lead him to earning any actual playing time on the field as he ended up spending the 2018 and 2019 seasons on the team’s practice squad. On Tuesday, Boehringer’s dream of making it big in the NFL might have actually come to an end after the Bengals decided to release him.

Will he get another opportunity? It doesn’t seem very likely after he was unable to spend any time on the active rosters of the Vikings or Bengals during the last four years.

Looking back on Minnesota’s decision to draft him, was it a publicity stunt? One could gather some evidence that might be able to prove that to be the case, but Boehringer at least had some very intriguing athletic traits that could have potentially translated into production at the NFL level.

How will Boehringer’s time in the league be remembered? Will it be the NFL approving him having the umlaut on his jersey? Or what about when he threw up during his first practice with the Vikings?

Boehringer’s tenure in the league might be over now, but the legend of MoBö will live on forever.