5 facts about the Minnesota Vikings we wish weren’t true

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Mike Zimmer
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Mike Zimmer /
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Minnesota Vikings
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What are some unflattering statistics about the Minnesota Vikings?

The Minnesota Vikings are the subject of various exaggerated talking points and some flat-out myths (seven such myths are dispelled here). Whether it’s “the Vikings always find a way to blow it” or another blanket statement about the team, the stereotypes are inescapable.

Nevertheless, a handful of the cynical storylines concerning Minnesota are verifiably true. The legitimacy of these talking points certainly does not make the loud, false ones any more true. But there are some uncomfortable facts about the Vikings that require acceptance.

The following examination of stats and facts is limited in scope and there is recency applied to the analysis. The Vikings’ history is one that spans more than 55 years, but this list is confined to the Mike Zimmer era that launched in 2014.

One honorably mentioned stat is that of extra-point kicking. Every fan can feel this one in their bones. The Vikings are indeed the worst extra-point kicking team in the NFL since 2014.

Minnesota has missed 21 extra points since 2014. As a ratio, this is 90.4 percent and it is also the very worst percentage in the business during this time. Therefore, if you refuse to look at the television screen after a Vikings touchdown, you should now feel vindicated.

Let’s go over five more inconvenient truths surrounding Minnesota since Zimmer arrived in 2014.