What will it take for Harrison Smith to make the Hall of Fame?

(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Harrison Smith
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Harrison Smith /
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Prolonged elite play method

This is similar to the Brian Dawkins Method, but there are some differences. This method is more attainable.

All things considered, it is unlikely that Harrison Smith earns three more All-Pro selections and four more Pro Bowls. Not everyone can be Brian Dawkins. But if Smith was able to perform at his current level until age 35 or 36, he may have a presentable case for the Canton judges. His performance to date is not wildly out of the realm of Hall of Fame candidacy, it just needs more time and sustainability. A strong showing in the next four to six seasons might be enough to slip through the back door of the building in Canton.

Here’s the rub: Smith cannot have the typical decline in the next few seasons that virtually all hard-hitting safeties encounter. This means he must avoid injury and not shows signs of efficiency deterioration. Thus far, Smith has shown very few signs of any production drop-off. His numbers and his leadership are a massive component of what makes head coach Mike Zimmer’s defense fearsome.

For this method to materialize, Smith basically needs to be the same caliber of player he is now — for longer.