7 differences between Yannick Ngakoue and Everson Griffen

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Ngakoue is going to be more expensive

You can file this under the “guarantee it” folder of the analysis.

Per reports, the quintessential reason that Yannick Ngakoue soured on Jacksonville was the team’s standoffishness with money. Like every sports player in human history, Ngakoue wants financial stability.

Reportedly, the Jaguars sought to lock up the 25-year-old in a short-term arrangement, but Ngakoue scoffed at that proposal. He desired a more longterm commitment, one that evidently produced skittish feelings for Jacksonville’s front office.

With Minnesota, Ngakoue will play for “cheap” in year one at a price of $12 million. Unless he is downright dreadful in 2020, he will strike up the same talks next offseason akin to those he had with the Jaguars.

This is forecasted to slide the Vikings into a precarious spot because the team is staring down the barrel of contract payouts to Dalvin Cook, Anthony Harris, and Brian O’Neill, to name a few. Minnesota can explore cutting ties with longstanding players such as Riley Reiff, Kyle Rudolph, or Anthony Barr to retain the aforementioned men, but that will likely come at a hefty emotional toll.