7 Colts weaknesses the Vikings can exploit in Week 2

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) Philip Rivers
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) Philip Rivers /
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With Mack lost for the season, the Colts turn to a rookie running back

Marlon Mack was part of the otherworldly 2017 running back draft class and like some folks from that bunch have incurred, he will now be lost to a season-long injury. During last week’s tryst with Jacksonville, Mack tore his Achilles and he will not return until 2021.

In terms of impact, Mack is probably in a tier of halfback that ranks around 15th-best in the NFL. This could slide down a bit depending on his usage during a particular game, but he is a competent ball-carrier. From the Vikings perspective, that is now irrelevant. They may never see him again because Minnesota and Indianapolis only hook up once every four years during the regular season.

The next man up is rookie tailback, Jonathan Taylor. Hailing from the University of Wisconsin, Taylor was a second-round selection by the Colts in this year’s NFL draft. Injury or no injury for Mack, Indianapolis already had a plan to fold Taylor into the offense at some point this season.

The time is now. Ultra-young running backs do often thrive in their rookie campaigns, but we tend to reference the good circumstances rather than to examine the success rate as a whole.

Taylor could run roughshod over the Vikings this Sunday. Or he could drop a game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone like Lions rookie running back D’Andre Swift did last weekend in a loss to the Chicago Bears.

Mack was a sure-thing tailback option for the Colts this week and now he is lost for several months. Advantage Minnesota.