4 biggest overreactions from the Vikings loss to the Colts in Week 2

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(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) Trevor Lawrence /
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Zimmer isn’t the right head coach for the Vikings

A few weeks ago, Minnesota decided to reward Mike Zimmer with a contract extension. It’s something that Zimmer earned due to what he’s been able to help the Vikings accomplish during his tenure.

Minnesota was a franchise without any direction before Zimmer was hired and he’s been able to turn the team into an organization that is able to compete with the best in the league each and every year.

Despite his success, there are some who weren’t too thrilled that the Vikings extended the contract of their current head coach. Firing Zimmer or letting him walk in 2021 is something that they would have preferred instead.

But as is the case when tanking for a No. 1 draft pick, the success rate of turning things around or helping a team reach their ultimate goal isn’t as high as some would like to imagine when hiring a new head coach.

Just look at the guys who had the job as Minnesota’s head coach before Zimmer. The Vikings’ three previous head coaches combined to lead the team to four playoff appearances in 12 years. Under Zimmer, Minnesota has earned a spot in the postseason three times in the last six years.

Do the Vikings want to hire three head coaches in the next 12 years again? Because this is the scenario that is more likely than someone coming in and leading Minnesota to a Super Bowl within their first four seasons with the team.

Let’s give Zimmer the opportunity to see if he can fix the problems with this year’s team. He’s proven in the past that he can overcome obstacles and still lead the Vikings to success (see 2017). So why should we start doubting him now?