6 takeaways from the Vikings win over the Texans in Week 4

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(Photo by Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports) Kirk Cousins /
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A win next week gets Minnesota’s season back on track

While a victory over the Texans was nice and it was something that was needed for the Vikings, it was also a game that Minnesota should have won. Houston was also looking for their first victory heading into Sunday’s matchup and it wasn’t too hard to figure out why when they took on the Vikings.

So the Vikings are now 1-3 and despite their win on Sunday, they still don’t have a lot of room for error during the rest of the season if they actually want to earn a spot in the playoffs.

During their last two games, Minnesota has performed closer to what many felt they were capable of prior to the start of the season. The Vikings’ next matchup will be a great way to see if they can actually make a run to the postseason this year.

For Week 5, Minnesota has to travel out to the Northwest to take on the unbeaten Seattle Seahawks. A road matchup is already difficult, but getting a win in Seattle has proven to be extremely hard for the Vikings in the recent past.

Minnesota hasn’t left the Seahawks’ home stadium with a win since 2006 and the Vikings lost six of their last seven games in Seattle dating back to 1996.

However, all of those contests featured thousands of rowdy Seahawks fans in the stands making life difficult for Minnesota’s offensive players to hear anything. For this season’s matchup, there will be no fans in attendance and this should help out the Vikings a lot, especially Kirk Cousins.

And even though Seattle hasn’t lost a game yet this year, they still have plenty of weaknesses that Minnesota can exploit. Just look at their win on Sunday over the Miami Dolphins when they let Ryan Fitzpatrick throw for 315 yards.

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The Seahawks are undefeated, but they are not unbeatable. If the Vikings can pull off the upset next week, the rest of the NFL is going to notice and realize that the guys in purple and gold are fully capable of capturing one of the seven NFC playoff spots this season.